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LA Kaiseki/Sushi: Urasawa (Nov. 2010): Chris’s Birthday

November 26, 2010 1 comment

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Urasawa
Chef: Hiroyuki Urasawa

Date: November 26, 2010

Restaurant Info:
-This is my favorite Japanese restaurant in the US. Hiro’s SUPER friendly, and he even drinks with you! (Actually, he might be my favorite just because he drinks with you hahaha.)
-Hiro used to be Masa Takayama’s apprentice. I actually would rather eat at Urasawa than Masa. The food at Masa was a bit better, but the experience at Urasawa is just so much better. The restaurant Masa felt kind of cold and clinical, and Masa himself wasn’t THAT warm (at least not nearly as much as Hiro is!).

Meal Info:
-I wrote down what each course was several months after eating here, so I might have a few things wrong. Nevertheless, I tried to refrain from naming something if I wasn’t s ure.
I missed at least three courses. You can see pictures of what these courses would look like in my 2nd Urasawa post, though!
#4: An “ice block” course that has three kinds of sashimi (toro, red snapper, and skipjack or amberjack) as well as wasabi, seaweed, daikon, and red ginger. (Course #4 in the 2nd Urasawa post)
#5: A course that consists of a spoonful of a wagyu-and-caviar-mix and a pickled bell pepper on the side that you’re supposed to eat after. (Course #5 in the 2nd Urasawa post)
#25: Afternoon tea. (Course #29 in the 2nd Urasawa post)

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