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California’s Donut King

January 31, 2014 1 comment

California’s Donut King

I was reading a lucky peach article about donuts and it made me remember reading this LA Times article when it first came out. It’s really stuck with me throughout the years and is something I think is important. The piece reveals a lot about the Cambodian-American community, the immigrant experience, and California small businesses (According to the Lucky Peach 90% of the 2,400 independent donut shops in California are Cambodian-owned). Growing up in the Bay Area and eating a ton of those donuts was amazing – I never had to experience the dry and stale dunkin donuts. Hope y’all enjoy the article and learn from it as much as I did.  

Bánh Tét

February 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Happy Lunar New Year! A lot of Asian cultures celebrate the new lunar year and see it as the most awesome holiday of the year. Yesterday marked the new year and year of the snake. For Vietnamese people, we celebrate with a giant feast that features a bunch of different foods. My awesome parents sent me a traditional dish called Banh Tet, a log of rice cake stuffed with mung bean and roasted pork, and wrapped inside banana leaves:


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NYC Food List!

November 24, 2012 1 comment

It’s been a while since I’ve really posted about anything; I figured I’d just post something random for you guys!

Reddit’s NYC subreddit had a thread titled “Best of New York Restaurants“. Someone was planning on visiting NYC from London and wanted to know what some great restaurants were; I was just staying up and drinking a lot of coconut water and water to hydrate myself after a rough night of drinking, so I figured that I’d go ahead and contribute. My post ended up being longer than I originally thought it would be, and I figured that it’d be useful to post it here!

Other posters in the thread gave a lot of info about other great places to check out for food in NYC, so you should also check out the thread!

First, here are some places I make sure to take friends when they visit:
-Shake Shack (burgers)
-Lucali (pizza)
-Katz’s Deli (pretty famous pastrami sandwich)
-Pommes Frites (good fries with lots of sauces—mango chutney is great)
-Xian Famous Foods (Chinese Xi’an food)
-Ippudo and Totto (ramen)
-Peter Luger (steak!)
-Nan Xiang Dumpling House (Chinese soup dumplings / xiaolongbao)
-Murray’s Bagels AND Ess-a-Bagel (Both have really good bagels, and I think they’re better than Absolute Bagels.)

Click here to see the rest of the list.

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