About Us

Check out the Index of Restaurants to see the restaurants we’ve been to, or visit the Cooking categories to see what we’ve made!

We’re a couple of foodies who live in New York City, and we decided to blog because we wanted to share our experiences with other people!

We’re going to be using this blog to write about the food we eat and the food we cook! The eating posts will be titled with the name of the restaurant, with a number following it to signal whether it’s our first, second, third, etc. time eating there with pictures.

We also have a (relatively) small list of restaurants to try out if you live in or are visiting NYC; just click here!

Age: 25
From: Bay Area
Bio: If I were on death row and could only have one more meal before the end, I’d request a great croissant and a dark cup of coffee. And maybe Chicken & Rice (Singaporean style). I think heavily photoshopped food pictures unfairly mask the reality of the food (although additional lighting for dark pictures is ok). My dreams sometimes consist of eating at Martin Picard’s Au Pied De Cochon.

Thaddeus “Tad” Vanderbilt III
Age: 27
From: Connecticut
Bio: Some people are born with spectacular talent, with a drive for success, with a need to prove their innate value to the world. I was born rich so I didn’t need all that. Life has treated me well, and in gratitude, I have decided to live life with all the respect it deserves. I am a romantic for hedonistic experiences, with the soul of a banker and the cunning of a poet. I’m a writer, a huntsman, a Byronian bad boy without the good looks, and some times a Faulknerian idiot man-child. Mostly, I am a glutton in every sense of the word.

Age: 25
From: SoCal
Bio: The others like to tease me about the fact that I always calorie-count and end up depriving myself of certain pleasures. I often won’t eat most of my desserts, and I also try to stay away from foie. I do love grilled chicken, salmon, guacamole, and milk, though! I figure that I should eat healthy 95% of the time so that I can eat unhealthy—really unhealthy—the other 5% of the time haha.

A lot of us share a love of food (from expensive fine dining to, say, McDonald’s—I have a soft spot in my heart for McD hahaha), so we decided to just write about some of our experiences! We’ll occasionally have other friends chip in their comments as well. Some are more informative, while others are inane (and oftentimes humorous).

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