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HK: Bo Innovation (June 2012): Chef’s Table

June 28, 2012 1 comment

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Bo Innovation
Exec Chef: Alvin Leung

Date: June 28, 2012
Chef’s Table Menu

-I had lost my iPhone 4 a few days earlier in Lan Kwai Fong after going drinking, so I used my friend’s iPad to take these pictures. (SAD TIMES.)
-We sat at the Chef’s Table, which is just kind of a “bar” area that sits next to the open part of the kitchen. The seating makes it really easy to talk to Chef Leung and the rest of the staff during the meal!
-There’s only one menu available to those who sit at the Chef’s Table: the Chef’s Table Menu.

Info about Bo Innovation:
-Chef Leung is a Hong Kong chef who is trying to really pioneer Chinese cooking. He’ll recreate popular Hong Kong and Chinese dishes using more modern flavor combinations and techniques, and it’s nice to see and try the dishes he comes up with. His dishes can definitely make you think about the different things you can do with Chinese food.
-He has some successes and some failures. The food itself wasn’t really THAT amazing and could be improved.
-I definitely didn’t regret going, though. From a modernist-cuisine point of view, I definitely enjoyed the meal. It’s nice to see a chef take some risks on, apply modern techniques to, and reinterpret traditional Hong Kong and Chinese foods and flavor combinations.

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LA: Mélisse (June 2012): “Foie for All”

June 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Mélisse
Exec Chef: Josiah Citrin

Date: June 6, 2012

-California’s foie-gras ban went into effect on July 1, 2012, and I was going to go to Asia for a month in a few days after this meal, so I decided that I should at least get some foie gras in California while I still had the chance.
-The theme of the entire menu was foie gras; it was basically one of many restaurants’ ways of saying “screw you” to those who fought to get it banned.

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