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NYC: Daniel (Apr. 2012)

April 25, 2012 1 comment

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Daniel
Exec Chef: Daniel Boulud

Date: April 25, 2012

The food’s great, but the lighting… not so much. As a result of this terrible lighting (and my really bad iPhone camera skills at this time), most of my photos are terrible :(.


Left: Smoked salmon.
Middle: Puree of turnip.
Right: Turnip and shrimp.

1. (Victor)
Duck Roulade.

1. (Ken)
Foie Gras Terrine.

2. (Victor)
Red Mullet, two ways.

2. (Ken)
Smoked Sturgeon with Northern Lights Caviar. Purple Potato, Horseradish Cream, and Majii Salad.

3. (Victor)
Florida Frog Leg Fricassee with Asparagus. Crispy Lollipops with Shallot Confit, Nettle-Green Peppercorn Jus.

3. (Ken)
Soft-shell Crab.

Cedar-wrapped Red King Salmon with Stuffed Morels.

Squab Breast and Leg.

6. (Victor)
Wagyu Tenderloin, Short Rib, and some stuff I forgot.

6. (Ken)
Tasting of Veal. Sweetbread, Tenderloin, and Cheek.

A few different cheeses. Bleu is at the far right.

Victor: I forgot the other cheeses, and I also forgot to take a picture at the beginning :(.

8. (Victor)
Raspberry Almond Sable. Creme Fraiche Parfait and Yuzu Sorbet.

Dessert #1!

8. (Ken)
Strawberry Granite. Creme dAnjou, Sacristain, and Szechuan Pepper Sorbet.

Dessert #1!

9. (Victor)
Gianduja Chocolate Crisp. Praline Mousse and Milk Chocolate Sorbet.

Dessert #2!

9. (Ken)
Warm Guanaja Chocolate Coulant. Liquid Caramel, Fleur de Sel, and Milk Sorbet.

Dessert #2!

-P√Ętes de fruits

Victor: I don’t have a picture, unfortunately :(. From what I remember, those were the mignardises.