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California’s Donut King

January 31, 2014 1 comment

California’s Donut King

I was reading a lucky peach article about donuts and it made me remember reading this LA Times article when it first came out. It’s really stuck with me throughout the years and is something I think is important. The piece reveals a lot about the Cambodian-American community, the immigrant experience, and California small businesses (According to the Lucky Peach 90% of the 2,400 independent donut shops in California are Cambodian-owned). Growing up in the Bay Area and eating a ton of those donuts was amazing – I never had to experience the dry and stale dunkin donuts. Hope y’all enjoy the article and learn from it as much as I did.  

NYC: Le Bernardin (Dec. 2013)

January 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Authors: Victor and Monty
Exec Chef: Eric Ripert

December 21, 2013


Left: Beet with goat parmesan.
Middle: Tuna tartare with soy glaze and potato crisp.
Right: Cauliflower soup with potato foam and parmesan tuile.

2 Amuse-bouche

Monte: Oh mah lordy lord this was a marvelous start to the meal. From left to right you first get a soft cheesy bite of sweetness, next a wonderful textural contrast with crispy and creamy salty goodness, and lastly a wonderfully aromatic rich soup. Wunderbar.

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