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Pho Recipe

March 28, 2013 1 comment

Everything great and wonderful about pho aside, it is a LOT of work to make. Still, the dearth of good pho in NYC spurred me to just invite a few friends over and attempt to make it. Luckily the hard work paid off! I was happy enough with the results that I thought I’d share the recipe. I adapted a recipe from steamy kitchen and made the pho with my 2 favorite meats: well done brisket and rare steak. I also like tripe, and my cousins certainly like fatty flank, but I just didn’t get around to making those this time. Every Vietnamese mother has her own recipe that they boast as the best, so feel free to be creative with your own variations and substitutions. Comments on how to improve my recipe are welcome!


Click here for the recipe!

NYC: Eleven Madison Park (Mar. 2013)

March 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Eleven Madison Park
Exec Chef: Daniel Humm

Date: March 24, 2013


I haven’t eaten here for a few months, and I have wanted to come back for a while now. The menu still has some staples, such as the black-and-white cookies or the carrot tartare course, but there are a bunch of new courses, such as the lobster course or the WONDERFUL maple dessert!

Once again, my pictures are terrible—that’s what I get for using an iPhone to take pictures of food when there’s terrible lighting haha :(. I hope that I’ll be lucky enough to go for lunch in the future so that I can get better pics for you guys!

1A Menu

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New Orleans: Restaurant R’evolution (Mar. 2013)

March 25, 2013 1 comment

Author: Victor and Monte
Restaurant: Restaurant R’evolution
Exec Chefs: John Folse and Rick Tramonto

Date: March 18, 2013

3 Inside


Victor: The service wasn’t great. The restaurant needs to work out a few kinks; the waiter wasn’t friendly at all and kept on trying to push the most expensive dishes on us when we asked for suggestions. Also, we didn’t get our food at the end, and we had asked them to box it up!

The food was definitely well-cooked and delicious, though. It was one of those weird experiences where you enjoy the food a lot but just have an unenjoyable experience overall :(.

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