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LA: Mélisse (June 2012): “Foie for All”

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Mélisse
Exec Chef: Josiah Citrin

Date: June 6, 2012

-California’s foie-gras ban went into effect on July 1, 2012, and I was going to go to Asia for a month in a few days after this meal, so I decided that I should at least get some foie gras in California while I still had the chance.
-The theme of the entire menu was foie gras; it was basically one of many restaurants’ ways of saying “screw you” to those who fought to get it banned.

I took REALLY horrible pictures during this meal :(. I probably didn’t even know how to manually focus on my iPhone camera when I took these pictures hahaha.


-Hemisphere of grape, goat cheese, and pistachio.
-Spherical grape.

I forgot to take a picture of these :(.

Foie gras flan, blood orange gelée, and toasted hazelnut foam with vanilla oil.

Egg caviar
with cauliflower mousseline and lemon creme fraiche.
Brioche is added to give texture.

Torchon and crisp foie gras
with red beets, Zuckerman’s Farm’s green asparagus, and aged Balsamic.

Truffled foie gras agnolotti
with chicken oyster and chicken consommé.

White asparagus with morels.

This combination is so common now haha. Oh well. It’s always delicious!

True Day Boat scallop “Rossini”
with seared foie gras, spring onions, potatoes, and a Perigord emulsion.

I forgot to take a picture of this course :(.

Dover sole and poached foie gras
with fava beans, fava leaf, Vidalia onions, morels, and sea kelp foam.

Prime beef rib eye and braised beef cheek.
with cured foie gras, leeks, white mushroom, foie gras parfait
and potato mousseline on the side (basically mashed potatoes).

“Something Sweet with Foie”
Foie gras mousse sandwich with strawberry, joined by foie gras ice cream and cubes of balsamic gelée.

-strawberries to be dipped in crème fraîche and sugar
-miniature chocolate chip cookies
-foie gras macarons

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