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NYC: Eleven Madison Park (Apr. 2013 #2)

April 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Author: Victor and Monte
Restaurant: Eleven Madison Park
Exec Chef: Daniel Humm

Date: April 13, 2013

Victor’s Notes:

I FINALLY got around to getting lunch with Montague here! The photos are better because of the lighting, too. Life is good.

I decided to play around and get vegetable dishes instead of foie gras or beef/duck.

Monte’s Thoughts: Last September I had heard a lot about the changes happening at Eleven Madison and thought it was really exciting that they were creating a narrative concept for the restaurant. I think the meal actually wasn’t that much of a narrative, in the sense that there wasn’t an elaborate story with lots of interaction between the restaurant and the diner. However, the food was wonderful in of itself (Hurrah!) and is all that I could possibly ask for.

Click here to see pictures of this great meal!

NYC: wd~50 (Apr. 2013): 10th Anniversary Dinner!

April 10, 2013 1 comment

Authors: Victor and Monte
Restaurant: wd~50
Exec Chef: Wylie Dufresne
Sous Chef: Sam Henderson
Pastry Chef: Malcolm Livingston II

Date: April 9, 2013
Dinner: 10th Anniversary!

Victor’s Notes:

While in New Orleans, Monty and I learned that wd~50 was having its tenth anniversary. We made reservations ASAP once they were available, and before we knew it we had a reservation and a wonderful meal planned for today!

For wd~50’s tenth anniversary dinner, Chef Dufresne invited back a lot of wd~50 alumni to have a collaborative dinner, including (but not limited to) big names like Alex Stupak, Christina Tosi, and Mario Carbone. A lot of the chefs featured are doing some pretty amazing things right now. Stupak is running Empellón Cocina and Empellón Taqueria, Tosi is doing her Momofuku Milk Bar stuff, Jon Bignelli is running Alder, Carbone is one of the head chefs of Torrisi Italian Specialties and Carbone, and so on.

Each course was made by a chef or two, so this meal was very much like a meeting of the minds. (I was especially excited to see what kind of desserts Chefs Stupak and Tosi would come up with!)

1 Front of Menu

The menu illustrates just how much work and thought went into this anniversary dinner, and all of the participating chefs even signed the back of every menu! (The signatures were slightly different for each menu, too; Monty and I checked hahaha.)

2A Back of Menu

The meal was AMAZING, and I am really, really grateful to have had the opportunity to eat such playful and delicious food. This was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget. Everyone was happy and celebrating, the environment was exciting, and Chef Dufresne even gave a heartfelt speech at the end.

Monte’s Notes:

This was truly more than just a meal, and the celebratory atmosphere really made it an EVENT, and a fantastic event at that. It seemed like Victor and I, as just enthusiastic diners, were a minority in the room in the sense that it seemed almost everyone in the room had some connection to the restaurant industry. Drinks were flowing, the food was mind-blowing, laughter filled the dining room, and congratulatory handshakes and hugs were freely exchanged with the kitchen staff. Chef Dufresne really knows how to throw a great party.

Click here to see pics of the meal!

NYC: Empellón Cocina: The Push Project: Part II (Mar. 2013)

March 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Authors: Victor and Jessie
Restaurant: Empellón Cocina (Push Project II)
Chefs: Jordan Kahn and Alex Stupak

Date: March 8, 2013

Victor’s Notes:

I follow Empellón Cocina on Facebook, and they’re one of the more interesting NYC restaurants that I like to keep track of, especially because their chef is Alex Stupak. He used to be known as one of the top pastry chefs in the country, and he was Alinea’s original pastry chef.

Every few months, Alex Stupak collaborates with a chef he strongly respects to create guest chef dinners under the name of “The Push Project”. Part I of “The Push Project” involved Enrique Olvera. For Part II of “The Push Project”, Chef Stupak decided to collaborate with Jordan Kahn, who Stupak worked with at Alinea. Kahn is currently the Exec Chef of Red Medicine, and he’s worked with pastries at Per Se, Alinea, and Varietal. You can find info on this collaboration at

Because the two chefs were superstar pastry chefs, there’s a huge focus on sweets. The meal consisted of four savory courses and five sweet courses. I think you have to really like desserts to be able to really appreciate all of the desserts as the sweets might be too much for some people. Overall, the savory courses were great, and the desserts were AMAZING, both in terms of taste and conceptually.

2 Menu

Click here to see pictures of the meal!