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NYC Sushi: Gari Columbus (Sep. 2012): Omakase (Sashimi and Sushi)

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Gari Columbus
Chef: Masatoshi Gari

Date: September 27, 2012

-Look at the 1st Gari Columbus post!

Meal info:
-My friend Victor and I sat at the sushi bar and just ordered omakase.
-We got a mix of sashimi and sushi for our omakase. After trying it, I think I prefer just sushi.
-Victor took pictures with his Nikon D600 (he has a real camera!), and I took some pictures with my iPhone 4S. You’ll see a mix of our photos here.


Right to left:
1. Butterfish.
2. Kisu (sandfish).
3. Yellowfin toro.
4. Triggerfish (sauce: triggerfish liver mixed with wasabi).
5. Shima aji with ceviche.

The “I-have-no-idea-what-this-is-classified-under” category:

6. Baked oyster “sushi”.

There’s rice under the actual oyster, and the rice was baked with the oyster.

Sushi (nigiri):

7. Yellowtail belly with jalapeno sauce.

8. Tachiuo (beltfish) with ginger sauce.

9. Branzino with fried seaweed.

10. Tuna with tofu sauce and spicy sesame.

11. Miso-marinated Gindara (black cod).

12. Salmon with roasted tomato and sweet onion sauce.

2. Jumbo shrimp with yuzu-miso sauce, with the head on the side.

14. Fatty tuna with Japanese pickled radish.

15. Foie gras with slow-cooked radish and balsamic sauce.

16. Sake (salmon).

17. Toro.

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