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NYC Sushi: Sushi Yasuda (Oct. 2012)

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Sushi Yasuda

Date: October 20, 2012

-I finally went to Sushi Yasuda for the first time since my friend Zhou helped chase him away from the U.S. :(.
-This is one of my favorite sushi places in NYC!
-Sushi Yasuda is generally regarded as one of the top sushi restaurants, if not the top one, in NYC. (The other major contender is Masa.)

General food comments:
-The fish was fresh and delicious, and the rice was fluffy and slightly over room temperature (but I wouldn’t classify it as “warm”). In general, the sushi was amazing as usual.

One disappointing issue:
-The pace of the meal bothered me. My sushi chef was putting the nigiri on our boards WAY TOO QUICKLY. I don’t remember Chef Yasuda serving sushi that quickly when I had him in the past :(.
-There was even a period where we ate 11 pieces in what felt like five minutes. (We probably ate 20 to 25 pieces in 15 to 20 minutes!) I would have to try to quickly get my pictures in and eat the nigiri ASAP because I don’t like to leave nigiri waiting for more than a few seconds :(.
-My friend: “I have NEVER eaten sushi that quickly…”


1. Toro and scallion rolls

Right to left:
2. Bigeye tuna
3. Bluefin tuna

Right to left:
4. Alaska king salmon
5. Alaska white king salmon
6. New Zealand king salmon

Right to left:
7. Silver salmon
8. Coho salmon
9. Arctic char salmon

Right to left:
10. Rainbow trout from Idaho
11. Ocean trout

12. Squid (Ika)

13. Salmon roe

14. Cherrystone clam

15. Orange clam

Right to left:
16. Spanish mackerel (Sawara)
17. Japanese mackerel (Saba)

18. Gilt-head sea bream (Orato)

Right to left:
19. Yellowtail (Hamachi)
20. Striped jack (Shima aji)

21. Uni roll

Right to left:
22. Fresh white sea eel (Sawani)
23. Fresh dark sea eel (Anago)

Right to left:
24. Fresh white freshwater eel (Shirayaki)
25. Fresh dark freshwater eel (Unagi kuro)

26. Eel from Taiwan (I forgot what my sushi chef called it, but I remember he mentioned that it was from Taiwan.)

27. Pacific oyster

28. Rock crab roll

29. Spanish mackerel (Sawara) rolls

30. Salmon skin rolls

31. Egg custard (Tamago)

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