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SF: Chapeau! (Feb. 2013)

March 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Exec Chef: Philippe Gardelle

As part of my trip back home to the bay last week I was able to stop by Chapeau! and catch up with an old friend. I’ve been on this quest to broaden my experiences with French cuisine and Chapeau! was a great addition. The menu had a cute story about how chapeau without an exclamation means “hat,”, whereas Chapeau! means “wow.” I ordered a glass of Cabernet and it went wonderfully with the food. The Chef even came out at the beginning of the meal to shake our hands and thank us for coming. It was definitely a sign of good things to come.

Here is the menu (sorry the room was super dark and almost romantic, so the pictures are QUITE dark and I couldn’t really take great pics. Trust me though, the food was pretty amazing overall.



Click here to see pictures of the meal!