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Cronuts: An Uneasy Phenomenon

June 9, 2013 Leave a comment

The Cronut craze is getting out of control. (For those unfamiliar, see this article). Yes, it tastes amazing. It is flaky yet crunchy, has a great cream filling, and is overall freaking delicious. I love donuts, I love croissants, and the cronut is sort of a dream come true. Still, there’s something VERY WRONG about people scalping them (see this article).

First, it’s extremely unfair for those who have waited for an hour to not be able to have one, but those with extra pocket money to easily just buy them off a scalper. Yes supply and demand control the economy blah blah but it’s still messed up for that guy waiting in line (that guy was me, see story below) to have wasted an hour of his life for nothing.

Second, and on a related note, the scalpers are creating a race to the bottom. The more scalpers there are, the earlier people will begin to line up for the cronuts, and the more artificially-inflated the wait (and price, apparently) for a cronut will become. This is not desirable.

Third, it’s stupid and a waste of time for the scalpers themselves. If you’re buying 2 pastries for $5 each (apparently Dominique is limiting customers to 2 cronuts now), waiting in line for 2 hours, and then reselling them for $20 each, that’s $30 profit you made after 2 hours of “work.” I know not everyone has a job that pays $15/hour or more, but if you do, stop scalping cronuts! It’s a waste of your time!

Anywhoo, story of how I got a cronut:

I went to Dominique Ansel’s every couple of weeks since first stopping by back in February. I stopped by on a random May afternoon and saw it as a new menu addition, but that it was sold out. Turns out, I had stopped by on about the 4th day of the cronut debut. I was told by the worker that if I wanted a cronut, I needed to arrive early since they sold out in 20 minutes. The following week, my sister and I woke up at 7 AM to get to Dominique Ansel’s by 8 when they opened. We got there at 8:01, and the doors didn’t even open up until 8:04. As fate would have it, the couple immediately in front of us got the last cronut. I was raging pretty hard, although the rest of the pastries there are great too so I had a consolation almond croissant. But I swore to myself that I was done trying to get a cronut – it was too difficult and not worth the effort.

A couple days later though, my sister got up at 6AM and went down by herself, and brought me back a cronut for my birthday (she’s awesome, I know). So that’s how I got to try a cronut.

But seriously, it’s getting ridiculous. And I hate the idea of scalping cronuts. Shouldn’t the people who love the cronut, who appreciate food and innovation, and have the dedication to wait in line, be the ones who are able to enjoy it?

Atlanta, GA: Dirrrrty South Waddap!

September 24, 2012 1 comment

I went to Atlanta last weekend and was able to try a couple noms, although these eats were really casual and the short duration of the trip limited me from trying a lot of food. It should be noted, it was disappointing not to see gangstas roamin, nor parties that lasted until 8 in the mornin.

First thing to notice about ATL was that there are a lot of TREES! It’s like a giant city got smashed into half the forest, and then the city planners didn’t know what to do with the other half so they just let it be. Or maybe they liked trees and fresh air, I don’t know. In any case, I walked by a farmer’s market and bought a couple of pears, thinking they must’ve been plucked straight from the backyard. They were labeled “pineapple pears,” supposedly for the hints of pineapple in the fruit. These big ol’ugly pineapple pears did not taste like pineapple though, and it was overall quite a disappointment. Sorry Ms. Jackson, but these are not for real.

<!–more Click to find out the good eats of Atlanta–>

This croissant, on the other hand, is for real. From Alon’s, it’s one of the best I’ve had in recent memory. The pictures of the Alon’s deli counter should show you how great this place is. The meats look well cooked and the crab cakes were a perfect golden hue – none of that stale brown mushy-looking stuff at most delis. The croissants are flaky, crunchy, and buttery – not as light and airy on the inside as I’d like, but I didn’t mind the denseness with everything else done so right. If you ever get the chance to grab one of these babies, tell the b*tch in front of you to move and get out the way.

I also got to take a tour of the Sweetwater brewery and it was fantastic! $10 for a tour, about 3 pints of beer, and you get to keep the glass! The IPAs are really fruity and complex, all I wanted the bartenders to do was to keep bring ’em out bring ’em out.

There was a Chick-Fil-A stop. I really wanted to experience this famous taste of homophobia and intolerance. I ate half a chicken sandwich, then with pain in my chest I wish this establishment the best with a Frack you.  It’s really no better than KFC/Popeyes, and certainly worse than Bon Chon. Not worth it, on to the next.

Last stop of my trip? (Hey) Yeah! Burger. Yeah!Burger is the culinary brainchild of Atlanta restaurateur (this word should really have an “n” before the “t”), Shaun Doty. Apparently he’s a big deal. What you can get, for about $11, is a decent burger and pretty good fries. The burger had a good sized patty (12oz!) and fresh condiments on a soft buttery bun. My minor quibble with the burger was that it was like Shake Shack, only the sauce was too thick and googey such that it created a gross sense of fullness/grease in your mouth. Sauce aside, it’s a great burger. And the fries were as they should be: crispy and salty.

I also got the opportunity to try BBQ at Pig n Chik but I forgot to take a picture because I was too hungry and simply submitted to my animalistic instinct to eat the pulled smoked chicken the minute I got my hands on it. It’s a clever name for a BBQ joint, although they do serve Brisket and I can’t imagine the heifers being too happy about being left out of the moniker. Still, the chicken was absolutely smokey and tender, a definite winner winner chicken dinner. God I hate Guy Fieri for making that phrase so mainstream.

Until next time!