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NYC: Jean Georges (Apr. 2012)

October 18, 2012 1 comment

Authors: Victor and Monty
Restaurant: Jean Georges
Exec Chef: Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Date: April 2, 2012
Dinner (Spring Tasting Menu)

Victor’s Note: I forgot the menu, so I’ve filled in the descriptions with what I remember.

Monte’s Note: This meal was amazing for its memorably distinct flavor profiles. A lot of the different flavors were very bold and concentrated, which revealed superb ingredients as well as fantastic cooking technique. Also, a psychological plus was seeing Jean-Georges there himself surveying the dining room like a pirate captain making sure the ship is upright. And yes, the ship runs very smoothly and is in great shape.

Click here to see how the meal went!

Jean Georges Lunch Part 2

September 30, 2012 2 comments

Yes this is part 2 since this is the second of two recent trips to Jean Georges for lunch. Think of this as a Tarantino influence (yes yes I know he borrows ideas but I still like his movies).


The JG flowers are really interesting and I’ve never seen anything like them before. Like a sun bursting out from the heavens. Or, actually, the flower on the left reminds me of the insides of a fig. Figs are yummy (in retrospect I’m surprised my fig reminiscence didn’t lead to me eating the fig-lookalike…sounds like something I’d do). Click to see the actual food!