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HK: Macaron Tasting! (Jan. 2013)

January 6, 2013 1 comment

I wanted to try some of Hong Kong’s macarons, so I made my friend go on a short macaron eating tour with me. Here’s how it went!

Le Goûter Bernardaud
(at IFC Mall)
16 HKD per macaron




1. Valrhona chocolate (left)
2. Caramel and fleur de sel (bottom)
3. Pistachio (right)
4. Raspberry (top)

Le Goûter Bernardaud is based in Hong Kong and actually has two locations in IFC Mall; we walked past this one first, so we ate the macarons there. We probably should have gotten macarons at the other location in IFC Mall to see how consistent the macarons are, but we didn’t :(. Oh well!

The texture was off; at times, it was too solid, and it felt like there was too much filling. The flavor was there, though! Overall, I thought LGB had the third-best macarons of the stores we tried today.

Click here to see the other places we tried!

Chocolate Dipped Macaron

November 2, 2012 1 comment

I’ve never heard of a chocolate dipped macaron, but I stopped by Columbus Circle’s Bouchon and stopped in my tracks as soon as I saw it glistening in the display. There were a few flavors available, including caramel and chocolate. I chose pumpkin, since I love fall flavors and pumpkin. Here’s a picture of the hockey-puck sized monstrosity:


It is absolutely divine. The chocolate coating was really thick – maybe a full 2 milimeters thick, revealing the macaron inside. You can’t tell how well-made the shell is since the usual flaky crunchiness was masked by the chocolate. The chocolate was still “crunchy” though in the way that chilled chocolate dipped things usually are. The pumpkin flavor was still really vibrant though and paired surprisingly well with chocolate. Shell aside, the crumbly delicate rich texture of the macaron was still amazing and I am now a fan.