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Smorgas Chef: Not Ikea

November 14, 2012 4 comments

Authors: Monte, Steven
Date: 10/22/2012
Occasion: Gilt deal

This is Ikea’s meatballs:

The meatballs at Smorgas Chef are so much better. Not that Ikea’s are bad, but Smorgas Chef’s are fantastic.

Steven’s Thoughts:
– Man, this deal sounded so awesome, but I wasn’t quite sure about the whole smorgasboard option. We tried the one at Aquavit a while back during restaurant week and we ended up liking the restaurant less because of it. So, I was hesitant. But Monte had the deal, so we had to go.
– One cool thing about this restaurant is that they started their own farm in the Catskill mountains to provide fresh, local produce for their guests. You can find more info here.

Monte: The Gilt City deal was a starter cocktail for each guest, and then a four course meal with wine pairings. The smorgasboard at Aquavit was a buffet style, but I’d much rather eat the tasty smaller portions at Smorgas Chef than eat til I was sick at Aquavit. Steven and I each ordered different courses so we could try more of the menu. Sorry for the dim photos, hopefully the writing makes up for it.

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Salmon Filet vs Salmon Steak

November 12, 2012 5 comments

It never occurred to me that salmon filet might taste different from salmon steak. After all, filet is just the side of the fish, and steak is two sides of the fish joined by bone. It should taste the same, right? I decided to pan sear both and see if I liked one more than the other, thinking that there would be no difference. There is no big difference, but I do like the filet more. Either way though, salmon is one of those quick and easy ingredients that can really shine on its own.


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Nước Mắm

November 11, 2012 3 comments

Nuoc Mam, aka fish sauce, is a staple of Vietnamese cooking. It has a very fishy (surprise!) and salty taste. It can be used both as an element in the cooking process and as a condiment (this condiment dipping sauce is not the same though!)

In its pure form, as it would be used for the cooking process, fish sauce looks like this:

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