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HK: Amber (Jan. 2013): White Truffle Tasting!

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Amber
Exec Chef: Richard Ekkebus
Website: http://www.amberhongkong.com/

Date: January 4, 2013


-I’m in Hong Kong for a few weeks, and I decided that I should eat at some good restaurants if I have the lucky opportunity to. I looked around online to see what different restaurants were serving, and I saw that Amber was doing a white truffle tasting. Alarm bells went off (I LOVE truffles), and, before I knew what had happened, I had a reservation for two!

-While I was waiting for my friend to arrive, this guy proposed to his girlfriend! He brought out what seemed like 100 roses, talked to her for a bit, and then got on his knee and proposed. The girl seemed shocked (in a happy way), and she happily accepted ^_^.
-In this pic, you can kind of see the guy holding the roses, and the girl is behind the server. A lot of people were also clapping after she said yes (as you can see from the pic). It was pretty amazing and heartwarming to watch, and it was the first proposal that I’ve seen live!

17A Proposal

-They used one white truffle for our meal, and it was HUMONGOUS. Here’s the pic!

8B White alba truffle

-A few of the dishes were misses, but the rest were amazing. White truffles white truffles white truffles whoohoo! For the most part, everything was executed really well.


Left: Crispy roll with truffle coulis, kombucha puree, and pumpkin seed.
Right: Eggplant with black pepper and angelfie (sp?).

2 Canapes

Amuse-bouche 1:
Foie gras lollipop with raspberry.

3 AB1

Amuse-bouche 2:
Iberian pork croquette with pickle dill (taken as a shot).

4 AB2

Amuse-bouche 3:
Cauliflower velouté with egg sabayon and black truffles.

5 AB3


-I forgot the first kind :(.
-Olive and onion.
-Crispy sourdough.

Butter or olive oil:
-Left: Unsalted butter.
-Middle: Olive oil.
-Right: Salted butter.

I really liked how they let us choose whether we wanted unsalted butter, salted butter, or olive oil!

6 Bread accessories

I got the multigrain and olive-and-onion breads, and I chose to pair them with olive oil.

7 Bread

Hokkaido diver scallop
with jerusalem artichokes, green apple
56-month old patanegra de bellota ham & white Alba truffles

9 C1

This course was a “miss” for me. The scallops were good, but I felt like the truffles really didn’t add all that much to the dish. They felt… unnecessary.

Taiyouran egg
with kabocha pumpkin purée, bread croutons
crispy chicken skin & white Alba truffles

Without the truffles:

10A C2

With the shaved white Alba truffles:

10B C2

The yolk was orange-ish and much creamier/sweeter than I’m normally used to, so I had to ask the waiter how it was prepared. The answer I got is that the egg is confit-cooked and then added with sabayon.

All the ingredients worked really well together. The egg, pumpkin purée, and chicken skin complemented each other really well, forming a creamy and delicious combination. The bread croutons added some texture, and the white truffles made this dish an explosion of deliciousness.

Milk-fed calf ‘polmard’
poached then seared with smoked potato mousseline
buttered savoy cabbage, shaved chestnut, & white Alba truffles

11A C3

The star of this course (aside from the white truffles) was the sauce. The calf was cooked really well, but the sauce was just delicious; I actually almost think the sauce would have been delicious with other types of meat as well, which is either a good or bad thing, depending on your viewpoint. Also, the sauce worked wonderfully well with the white truffles, making the dish more aromatic and intense.

Brillat savarin
foam, served warm over a crispy smoked bacon muesli
with shaved white Alba truffle & winter salad

Without the truffles:

12A C4

With the shaved white Alba truffles:

12B C4

The cheese foam was delicious, and the bacon muesli complemented it really well. The truffles did… what truffles do—made the dish even more delicious! The winter salad, however, felt unnecessary and actually made the course weaker in my opinion.

Valencia clementines
Clementine sorbet with florentine & confit zest
an almond semifreddo inspired from the ‘calisson de provence’
-with orange blossom ice cream and dots of sour cream

13 C5

This dessert was a great complement to the rest of the meal. While most of the meal was extremely rich and intense, this dessert cut into the richness and added some much-needed refreshment. The sorbet was sweet but not too sweet, and the almond semifreddo somehow was neither too sweet nor too rich while also being creamy and delicious. All in all, this dessert refreshed our palates while adding some much-needed sweetness in a meal full of savory flavors.

My friend echoed a similar sentiment. She felt really full before, but eating the dessert actually made her feel like she was hungry again. (Good desserts do tend to do that haha.)


-Caramel with vanilla wrapped in rice paper.
-Almond with vanilla.

-Pistachio macaron.
-Puff pastry dessert. (It reminded us of Beard Papa haha.)

-Chocolate tart.
-Chestnut with syrup.

14 Petits-fours

-The pistachio macaron was okay for what you’d expect from a restaurant of this caliber, but I think the macarons I get at the other 2-stars and 3-stars in NYC are better. The flavor was there, but the texture wasn’t quite right; it felt slightly too hard (especially when compared to, say, Ladurée).

While we were leaving, they gave us a rose macaron as a gift!

16 Macaron Michelle Got

More precisely, they gave it to my friend because she’s a girl. Not fair—I want a free macaron :(. And free drinks at bars/clubs would be nice, too, hahaha.

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