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HK: Amber (Jan. 2013): White Truffle Tasting!

January 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Author: Victor
Restaurant: Amber
Exec Chef: Richard Ekkebus

Date: January 4, 2013


-I’m in Hong Kong for a few weeks, and I decided that I should eat at some good restaurants if I have the lucky opportunity to. I looked around online to see what different restaurants were serving, and I saw that Amber was doing a white truffle tasting. Alarm bells went off (I LOVE truffles), and, before I knew what had happened, I had a reservation for two!

-While I was waiting for my friend to arrive, this guy proposed to his girlfriend! He brought out what seemed like 100 roses, talked to her for a bit, and then got on his knee and proposed. The girl seemed shocked (in a happy way), and she happily accepted ^_^.
-In this pic, you can kind of see the guy holding the roses, and the girl is behind the server. A lot of people were also clapping after she said yes (as you can see from the pic). It was pretty amazing and heartwarming to watch, and it was the first proposal that I’ve seen live!

17A Proposal

-They used one white truffle for our meal, and it was HUMONGOUS. Here’s the pic!

8B White alba truffle

-A few of the dishes were misses, but the rest were amazing. White truffles white truffles white truffles whoohoo! For the most part, everything was executed really well.

Click here to see pictures of the meal!