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Ga Nuong

February 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Ga Nuong is Vietnamese grilled chicken, and something that is my version of comfort food. It’s normally found on the streets of Vietnam in skewers being grilled over charcoal. I tried to make a simple marinade and fry the chicken at home in an attempt to mimic the great sweet and salty chicken. It’s usually paired with either rice noodles and shredded lettuce + beansprouts, or over rice; either way, accompanied by nuoc mam aka fish sauceĀ (recipe here) for dipping. The Ga Nuong turned out pretty well – I liked the marinade, although if you can grill it instead of frying it, that’s definitely the way to go.


In the picture, you can see I ripped off a piece of the skin – couldn’t help myself.

Click here for the recipe!

Quick Chicken & Egg Crostini

October 29, 2012 1 comment

Just decided to make a quick breakfast today on a whim. Hurricane Sandy is wrecking the area so it’s a good excuse to cook. I decided to slice and toast some leftover baguette, spread some chicken liver mousse, and top it all off with some eggs. I only made the eggs – here’s the mousse I tried out:

So I tried making a variation of Ramsay’s scrambled eggs, let’s see how it turned out!

Click for deliciousness

Fake Fried Chicken aka Baked Fried Chicken

October 2, 2012 2 comments

I made baked fried chicken because I didn’t have the oil to deepfry the chicken thighs. SO SAD. I should’ve just bought more oil but I was being a lame-o. Anywhoo, I marinated the chickens in a mixture of buttermilk, honey, chili-garlic paste (the really Azn kind), black pepper and minced garlic.

How did I not have enough oil to deep fry but have buttermilk? I didn’t have buttermilk – but I had milk and lemon buahaha. (Mix lemon and milk together for a few minutes, let it sit, and it’s akin to buttermilk). They call me MacGyver…(hardly) Click to see more chicken